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Maternal Cannibalism and Communion in the Novel and Film Life of Pi

NOTE: The following is an abridged and edited version of an article I wrote published in the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Volume 27, Number 1, Spring 2015, pp. 1-15 (University of Toronto Press). The full article can be … Continue reading

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Another New Book Claims Jesus was Married

I’m not entirely sure why so many people get so upset whenever somebody suggests that Jesus may not have been celibate (as if celibacy is really supposed to be the core practice of Christianity)… I mean, of course I understand … Continue reading

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For a Multicultural Country, Canada is not Always Very Welcoming

Overall, if we can accept the conclusions of this CBC/Research House Survey, the majority of Canadians support immigration and multiculturalism, which is good; however, there is still a significant portion of the Canadian populace, which varies from region to region … Continue reading

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Conservative Christianity’s Effects on the Mind

I recently came across this fascinating article, which examines the potential harmful psychological effects of conservative Christianity: Go to http://www.salon.com/2014/11/01 Of particular interest, I note the article’s outline of a new “unofficial” diagnostic category (unofficial because it is not (yet?) … Continue reading

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