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Maternal Cannibalism and Communion in the Novel and Film Life of Pi

NOTE: The following is an abridged and edited version of an article I wrote published in the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Volume 27, Number 1, Spring 2015, pp. 1-15 (University of Toronto Press). The full article can be … Continue reading

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For a Multicultural Country, Canada is not Always Very Welcoming

Overall, if we can accept the conclusions of this CBC/Research House Survey, the majority of Canadians support immigration and multiculturalism, which is good; however, there is still a significant portion of the Canadian populace, which varies from region to region … Continue reading

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A Political Poll in Canada Unexpectedly Provides Some Interesting Media, Religion and Psychology Data

While my primary academic interests revolve around media, religion and psychology I have always been a political junkie… or at least since I was a teenager. Being Canadian, I follow Canadian politics very closely and, I must admit, I am … Continue reading

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