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I have just completed my PhD in Communication and Culture with a research focus in media, religion and culture.

Conservative Christianity’s Effects on the Mind

I recently came across this fascinating article, which examines the potential harmful psychological effects of conservative Christianity: Go to Of particular interest, I note the article’s outline of a new “unofficial” diagnostic category (unofficial because it is not (yet?) … Continue reading

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My Second Blog Post

Leoben Conoy (Callum Keith Rennie) is by far the most intriguing cylon. A cylon with faith who can see the future… If Jack Van Impe actually knew what he was talking about, he would be the Leoben of televangelists.

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My First Blog Post (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

As my first post I simply present to you the most heart-breaking image to have ever appeared in a television comedy that thinks religion and psychology together:

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